OneClick Lease Management

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    Compact Solution to manage Rental Properties, as simple as it gets:

    Gives landlords control, visibility, and transparency by enabling them to view the real-time updates, insights, and reports about their portfolio - eliminating the dependability on property managers to shares these reports at weekly or monthly intervals.
    All Landlord Questions answered by a Click on his own mobile.

    **Rental Property Management Features :
    -Manage Property Owners (Contact Info, Related Listings, Owner Performance KPIs)
    -Manage Properties (Enlisting, Tracking, Property Performance KPIs)
    -Manage Units (Location, Expected Rent, In Place Rent, Occupancy KPIs)
    -Manage Tenants (Contact Info, Delay Index, Automated Reminders)
    -Manage Contract (Print Contracts, Timely Reminders, Contract Renewals)
    -Manage Rent Payments (Payment Schedule, Forecasts, Clearance Tracking)

    Basic Accounting Features:
    -Bank Reconciliation

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    Tenancy Agreements

    Draft Lease Agreement with all payment schedules and details, while being on single screen.

    way to go, automate entry and lease approval along with your PROs.

    PDC Handling - Post Dated Cheques Tracking

    Avoid delay in revenue realization by presenting the PDCs in time. You can eliminate the need for additional transactions at the time of realization. 

    You can manage all the receivables/payables considering the impact of receipt/ issue of post-dated cheques along with real time accounts. This will aid you to plan your cash flows.

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    Smart Reminders - By SMS, By Email, Monitor

    For Tenant, For Owner, For Property Manager

    Unit Occupancy and Efficiency Reporting

    Keep a track of expected rental income and realized rental income, don't be on mislead due to vacancy rates.


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    Complete Accounting

    End to End Accounting covers them all:

    Bills, Statements, Reconciliations, Ledgers, Aging, Financial Statements,...


    Maintenance Handling

    Receive and follow property maintenance requests and service charges. Track status and Maintenance Job Orders and related costs.

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    Automated Bank Reconciliation /

    Identify Discrepancies before its too late