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Managed Cloud Server Hosting

Fast - Reliable - Safe - Cheap - Scalable

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ClicktoHub cooperates with the best cloud service providers to make sure your ERP is accessible anytime, from anywhere.

We Cooperate with

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Google Cloud

One of the top players in the cloud world, with reasonably priced servers in Asia, Europe, Australia & the Americas.

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Budget-friendly hosting provider with data centers in Europe, Asia, the Americas & Australia.

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CMC Cloud

Reliable cloud hosting provider with new & well maintained in US, Canada, Mumbai, Bahrain.

Why host ERP in cloud?

Odoo cloud server hosting


One of the main advantages of hosting your ERP in cloud is having access to your data & reports whether you are home, in the office, on holiday or on a business trip.


You need a stronger server? You need more users and your RAM is not sufficient anymore? Upgrading your CPU, RAM or SSD has never been simpler.


One of the most time consuming & costly aspects of having your own server is the maintenance. With cloud, this is 100% taken care of!

Server maintenance, monitoring & regular back-ups.

We take care of all security measures & let you focus on your core business.


For the majority of cases, hosting your ERP in cloud:

  • Is way simpler

  • Requires a smaller budget

  • Is more accessible

  • Consumes less time & efforts

There are several aspects which you need to take into consideration, while estimating the needed HW for your hosting. 

You should be able to answer these basic questions:

  • How many concurrent users will be accessing your Odoo? Concurrent users = internal Odoo users accessing your Odoo at the same time.

  • What is your scope of operations?  Will you run a website or an e-shop? How many visitors do you expect daily, how many orders will you receive daily

  • Are there any potentially heavy customization or integrations with a 3rd party software?

In general, the minimum needed configuration for your Odoo (up to 10 concurrent users) is 2 CPU, 4 GB RAM & 40 GB SSD.

Again, there is not a universal answer for this, as it depends on a lot of criteria:

  • Where is your company located?

  • In case you have a website running on Odoo, which markets (countries) are you targeting?

  • What is your budget for the server hosting?

  • Are you able to pay your hosting yearly, or you wish to pay lower amounts more frequently?

In any case, our server team is ready to discuss with you the most suitable server hosting solution for your business..  Feel free to contact our team.