OneClick Retail/ Wholesale Solution
Compact and remote solution to manage Warehouse, Back Office, Online Sales and Retail Outlets, in a seamless way.
OneClick Cafe
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OneClick Car Service Solution
Carwash POS:
Car service slot
Station CCTV monitoring
Ordered Service print
Final bill print
Final bill WhatsApp
Customer history
Special price-list
End of day closing (report SMS, WhatsApp)
Analysis by staff
Analysis by service station
Analysis by services
Tax report
Bill printing

OneClick Book-Keeper Multiple Clients
Compact and remote solution to manage Warehouse, Back Office, Online Sales and Retail Outlets, in a seamless way.
OneClick PRO/Typing Multi-Client
Compact and remote solution to manage Warehouse, Back Office, Online Sales and Retail Outlets, in a seamless way.
OneClick Lease Management
Compact Solution to manage Rental Properties, as simple as it gets.
Property Owners can manage Properties
Manage occupied and vacant Properties
Manage tenants and rent amounts
Manage property Maintenance
Manage property Agreements

It gives landlords control, visibility, and transparency by enabling them to view the real-time updates, insights, and reports about their portfolio - eliminating the dependability on property managers to shares these reports at weekly or monthly intervals.
All Landlord Questions are answered with a Click on his own mobile.

**Rental Property Management Features :
-Manage Property Owners (Contact Info, Related Listings, Owner Performance KPIs)
-Manage Properties (Enlisting, Tracking, Property Performance KPIs)
-Manage Units (Location, Expected Rent, In Place Rent, Occupancy KPIs)
-Manage Tenants (Contact Info, Delay Index, Automated Reminders)
-Manage Contract (Print Contracts, Timely Reminders, Contract Renewals)
-Manage Rent Payments (Payment Schedule, Forecasts, Clearance Tracking)

Basic Accounting Features:
-Bank Reconciliation
OneClick Pharmacy
The compact and remote solution to manage Store, Back Office, Online Sales, and Pharmacies, in a seamless way.

Product Load Background
E-Receipt, Rounding, Order Screen, Quick Cash Payment, Product Screen, Product Brand, Pricelist Extension, Current Screen Lock, Show Cart Details, Order/Product Return, Out of Stock Details, Delivery Charges, Draft Order, Product Synchronization, Operations on Order, Keyboard Shortcut, Display Warehouse Quantity, Customer Screen, Multi Shop, Today Sale Report, Money In/Out From Cash Drawer, Print Last Receipt, Promotion, Display Stock for Product, Gift Card, Gift Voucher, Print Product Return Valid days, Card Charges, Order Reservation, Broadcast Messages, Multi Terminal Lock, Discard Products (Inventory Loss), Session Close, Expiry Dashboard, Sales Dashboard

POS Reports
POS Graph View Report, X-Report, Z-Report, Sales Summary, Orders Summary, Products Summary, Payment Summary, Session & Inventory Audit Report

Reduced Data Entry, Advanced Customer Statements, Aged Receivable Balance, Control Billable and Supplier Expenses, Checks Management (print and deposit), Manage Cash Registers, Journal Entries, Bank Reconciliations, Financial Reporting (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Chart Of Accounts)

Procurement, purchase orders, products and invoice control, price lists, reporting, and dashboards., Purchase Orders, GRIN based on Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoices based on Purchase Orders, Product Price History Tracking, Supplier Products Management, Supplier Record Keeping, Product Supplier Relation and Supplier Cost Record/ History

Warehouse management system (WMS), inventory analysis, traceability, procurement scheduling, reporting, dashboards., Delivery Orders, Inventory Counts, Multiple Locations, Stock Transfers, Pick – Pack – Ship, Minimum Stock Rules, Activity Log, Stock Valuations, Stock Tracking