OneClick WholeSale
4,800.00 AED 4,800.00 AED 4800.0 AED
Compact and remote solution to manage Warehouse, Back Office, Online Sales and Retail Outlets, in a seamless way.
OneClick Cafe
4,800.00 AED 4,800.00 AED 4800.0 AED
Compact and remote solution to manage HORECA POS, Back Office, Kitchen, Online Sales and Management Reporting, in a seamless way.
Express Ordering, Smooth EOD Closing, Ingenious MENU Performance Reports

Floor Automation
Contact less Dining, Enable Guest Self Ordering, Digital Menu, Floor plans, Manage seating, Kitchen printing, Kitchen order notes, Discount Control, Split bills, Recipe, Multi Printer Configuration, Waiter Tabs Configuration, Category wise Order Printing, Refunds / Cancellations Control, Employee Price list Control

Menu Items
Menu Item categories, Menu Search, Units of measure, Multiple bar-codes, Food & Drink variants, Large Menu

Customer & Loyalty
Register customers, Identify customers, Business Customers, Loyalty Cards

Payment methods, Credit/Debit cards, Split Order, Currency rounding, Offline payments, Invoicing, Accounting, Customer tips

Prices & discounts, Parallel orders, Customized receipts, Blazing fast search, Multi-step checkout , Sell on the move, Dynamic bar-codes

Store Management
Order history, Daily sales, Cashier accounts, Cash Register / Statement, Stock & Inventory, Franchises

Compatible Devices
Desktop PC & Laptop, Tablet (iOS and Android), Industrial Touchscreen, Browser support, iPad Compatible, PC compatible

Manage invoices
Create customer invoices, Print or send by email, Issue refunds, Multi-company rules, Address autocomplete, Manage supplier invoices, Handle recurring invoices, Payments terms, Customers payments

Handle payments
Invoices overview, Payments, Import bank statements, Multiple currencies, Get paid online, Batch Payments, Automate follow-ups

Full accounting reports, Sales reports, Automated tax reports

Daily Reports
Z Report, Sales Summary, Sales Details, Refund / Cancellations, Order Analysis, Cash Register / Statement, Tax Report

Sales Dashboard
Total Sales, Today's Sales, Average Sales, Total Orders, Today's Orders, Total Customers, Active Sessions, Products Alert, Total Discount, Top 5 Category Sales, Sales By Salesperson, POS Session Status, Top 5 Selling Days, Total Sales Per Week, Total Sales Per Month, Total Sales Per Year, Top 5 Employees, Payment by Journal, Sales Per Location

Inventory Dashboard
Inventory Reports, Inventory Ageing Reports, Open Outward, Open Inwards, Product Moves, Stock Moves, Inventory Valuation, Total Inventory Quantities, Stock per Location, Total Reserved Stock, Top 10 selling items, Track store Operations

Save time, Beautiful user interface, Reduce data entry, Collaboration & Alerts, Pay Multiple Invoices, Easy setup, Mobile Interface

Accounts Receivable
Clean customer invoices, Advanced Payment terms, Draft invoice propositions, On-the-fly payment reconciliation

Get paid easily
Credit Card Payments, Automated follow-ups, Aged receivable balance, Customer Portal, Advanced customer statements, QR Codes

Accounts Payable
Control supplier bills, Employee expenses, Bill digitization, Pay bills, Print checks, Deposit ticket

Bank & Cash
Manage cash registers, Import Statements, Easy Reconciliation, Smart Reconciliation Tool, Easy outstanding payments, Reconciliation Report

Advanced Access rights
Access Control Lists

Multi-currency support, Multi companies (**supports), Multiple users, Multi Journals

Performance Reports
Business Intelligence reports, Customizable Dashboards, Standard KPI's, Perpetual fiscal year closing

Legal Statements
Profit & Loss, Cash flow statement, General ledger, Advanced Taxes Management, Consolidated Journal Report, Balance Sheet, Tax reports, Country-specific statements, Consolidation

Analytic Accounting
Hierarchies of cost accounts, Analytic distribution, Fully integrated, Multiple-plans, Analytic report

Automatic Invoicing, Renewal alerts, Customer portal, Recurring revenues & extra

Assets & Revenues
Assets Management, Revenue Recognition, Budgets, Revenue dashboard

Clean and fast
Double Entry Inventory, Mobile, Corrected posted transactions, Modern User Interface, Flexible

Basic Operations
Delivery Orders, Inventory Adjustments, Multiple Locations, Manufacturing, Repairs, Receipts, Packing, Scrap product, Stock Transfers, Advanced Routing, Multi-Warehouses

Bar-code Scanners, Customer Portal, Custom Alerts, Smart Scheduler, Powerful search

Stock Replenishment
Minimum Stock, Request for Quotations, Make-to-Order

Activity Log, Serial Numbers Tracking, Perpetual Valuation

Product Types, Custom fields, Expiration Dates, Multiple unit of measures, Multiple barcodes

Inventory Valuation
Costing Methods, Valuation Methods, Perpetual Inventory Valuation

Dashboard, Inventory Forecast

News feed, Start discussions, Subscribe to channels, Star favorites, Private Groups, Status, Manage participants, Chat window, Mailing List, Mentions, Smileys

Manage, Create employee profiles, Manage time-sheets, Handle attendance, Manage leaves, Create appraisal plans, Sort appraisals, Organize interviews, Dashboards

Recruitment, Job offers, Employment websites, Recruitment process management, Back-end, Automatic indexation, Calendar integration, Candidacies
Send online offers, Salary Configuration

Record, Expense request, Ask questions and give answers, Add attachments, Expense reports, Add comments, Submit to Managers, Check status

Review expense records , Compare expense and receipts, Accounting integration, Manage per team, Re-invoice your expenses

Manage leave requests, Employee requests, Approve or refuse requests, Add comment, Add allocations, Customize leaves type

Personal Dashboard, Gantt Chart view, Calendar view, Reports
OneClick Project Management
4,800.00 AED 4,800.00 AED 4800.0 AED
Project Planning and Task Management:
Communicate throughout your team and project progress seamlessly through 1 system that can also prepare project reports on a click, when and where needed.
Project Budget Control: Control Project Budget.
A budget is a forecast of your company's income and/or expenses expected for a period in the future. A budget is defined on some financial accounts and/or analytic accounts (that may represent projects, departments, categories of products, etc.)
By keeping track of where your money goes, you may be less likely to overspend, and more likely to meet your financial goals. Forecast a budget by detailing the expected revenue per analytic account and monitor its evolution based on the actuals realized during that period.
OneClick Car Service
4,800.00 AED 4,800.00 AED 4800.0 AED
Carwash POS:
Car service slot
Station CCTV monitoring
Ordered Service print
Final bill print
Final bill WhatsApp
Customer history
Special price-list
End of day closing (report SMS, WhatsApp)
Analysis by staff
Analysis by service station
Analysis by services
Tax report
Bill printing

OneClick Book-Keeper Multiple Clients
4,800.00 AED 4,800.00 AED 4800.0 AED

Tax report
Bill printing

OneClick PRO/Typing Multi-Client
4,800.00 AED 4,800.00 AED 4800.0 AED
Manage Client Legal Documents
Manage Application Forms
Document Expiry reminders
Vehicle Documents Maintain
Vehicle Documents Track
Employees Documents Maintain
Employees Documents Track