Thermal Receipt 80x80 x 60pcs Roll Box
300.00 AED 300.00 AED 300.0 AED
Thermal Receipt Printer
650.00 AED 650.00 AED 650.0 AED
Cash Drawer
250.00 AED 250.00 AED 250.0 AED
POS Atom Processor Terminal Only
2,900.00 AED 2,900.00 AED 2900.0 AED
POS Machine Bundle (Machine, Drawer, Printer, Scanner)
4,500.00 AED 4,500.00 AED 4500.0 AED
Domain Transfer
500.00 AED 500.00 AED 500.0 AED
Perform Domain Transfer from Step1- Step14
Duration 2days - 14days
Google Workspace Configuration
500.00 AED 500.00 AED 500.0 AED
ERP-Accounting & Billing System
8,000.00 AED 8,000.00 AED 8000.0 AED
-Reduced Data Entry
-Advanced Customer Statements
-Aged Receivable Balance
-Control Billable and Supplier Expenses
-Checks Management (print and deposit)
-Manage Cash Registers
-Journal Entries
-Bank Reconciliations
-Financial Reporting (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Chart Of Accounts)
ERP-Integrated POS
8,000.00 AED 8,000.00 AED 8000.0 AED
Manage counter sales and cashier activities for daily order tracking and end of day closing procedures. Also covers:
• Payment methods
• Accounting Integration
• Prices & discounts
• Prompt Search
• Parallel orders
• Barcode Supportive
• Order History
• Daily sales
• Stock & Inventory
• Register & Identify customers
• Product, categories, variant GUI
ERP-Advanced Payroll Management
5,000.00 AED 5,000.00 AED 5000.0 AED
Employee Details
Employee Contracts
Passport based Contract
Allow to configure Basic/Gross/Net Salary
Employee Payslip
Monthly Payroll Register
Integrated with Holiday Management
☑ Retrieve pivot view of pay slips.
☑ Able to get Reports
Employee wise,
Employee's department wise,
Employee's job title wise,
Pay slip's date wise,
Pay slip's status wise,
Company wise.
☑ Spot Export to XLS Report.
ERP- Attendance Management
2,000.00 AED 2,000.00 AED 2000.0 AED
Online Check in Check out
Attendance Machine Integration
ERP- CRM - Customer RelationShip Management
6,000.00 AED 6,000.00 AED 6000.0 AED
• Leads
Create campaigns to automatically send emails tailored to the lead segment and activities of the lead.
Online Acquisition
Marketing apps to boost leads acquisition from your website: Search Engine Optimization tool, form builders, etc.
Detect countries, states and cities of leads automatically from your visitor IP address.
Live Chat
Activate Odoo Live Chat on your website to talk to your visitors and convert them into leads. Define rules for key countries or pages.
Get proposition of leads to merge when converting a lead into an opportunity. Create contacts automatically based on leads.
Assignation Rules
Define your own rules to assign leads to the right sales team or sales person based on quotas and segments.
URL Trackers
Track the source of the leads using UTM trackers in all your marketing campaigns.
• Opportunities
Activities and calls management
Organize sequence of activities per opportunity. Schedule activities. Log every activity immediately in the opportunity's chatter with predefined actions. Track, log and analyse the activities of your team.
Pipeline management
Get a clear overview of the opportunity pipeline. Work faster with the drag & drop interface. Set up specific stages for each sales team. Possibility to create sub-stages to better organize the processes. Automatic archiving of lost opportunities. Manual archiving of other opportunities. Lost is no longer a stage but a separate field, enabling more powerful analysis of pipeline - e.g.
Customize stages
Customize your pipeline by adding description on stages.
Schedule Meetings
Schedule meetings from the opportunity of customer. Sync with mobile phones and Google calendar.
Plan Next Actions
Plan next actions and schedule your daily work based on most important opportunities and tasks.
360° Visibility
Get all information right into the opportunity: pages visited on your website, mails, meetings, next actions, preceding orders, etc.
Log Calls
Lost reasons
Analyze lost reasons on your opportunities to improve your sales effectiveness.
Revised configuration options
Activate leads if needed.
• Customers
Address Book
Get a clear address book shared amongst your sales persons.
Customer Preferences
Set customer preferences easily: language, delivery methods, financial data, etc.
Have multiple addresses and contacts for a single company.
Full History
Get the full history of activities attached to any customer: opportunities, orders, invoices, total due, etc.
• Efficient Communication
Emails Templates
Create template of emails for most common communications with your customers or opportunities.
Email Gateways
Get all your email communications automatically attached to the right opportunity. Create new leads automatically based on incoming emails.
Custom Alerts
Follow key opportunities in just a click and get alerts based on relevant activities.
• Reporting
Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine. Share filters with the team.
• Opportunities Analysis
Analyze your opportunities pipeline with advanced filters, grouping, drill down, etc.
• Leads Analysis
Get statistics about your sources of leads to evaluate the ROI of your marketing campaigns.
• CRM Dashboard
ERP- Website Design & Development - Single Language
8,000.00 AED 8,000.00 AED 8000.0 AED
Intuitive system
What you see is what you get
Insert text styles like headers, bold, italic, lists and fonts with a simple WYSIWYG editor. Flexible and easy to use.
Customization tool: Click and change content directly from the front-end: no complex back end to deal with.
Building blocks system: Create your page from scratch by dragging and dropping pre-made, fully customizable building blocks.
Word processor text editing: Create and update your text content through an editor designed to replicate the word processor experience.

Increase visits
Promote Tool: Improve your ranking on search engines and your organic traffic thanks to keywords suggestions and meta tag tool.
Social media call-to-action: Share your pages through social media networks.

Convert visitors
Multi-websites:Publish several websites with their own URL, layout and content (pages, products, blogs, events, jobs, etc.). This opens up wide possibilities of diversification and customer segmentation for your business.
Link tracking: Add a tracking code to your URL's and measure all your marketing campaigns from the first click to the final sale. Identify which campaigns are the most effective in attracting visitors to your website and generating revenue.

Enhance user experience
Translation tool: Get professional standard translations with Gengo integration or make your own with this user-friendly feature.
Mobile preview: See what your page will look like on a mobile device with the mobile preview button.
Live chat embedded:Provide your visitors with information in real time directly on your website through a pop-up chat window.

Design features
Bootstrap based templates: Easily design your own Odoo templates thanks to clean HTML structure and bootstrap CSS.
Fluid grid layout:Create the best layout corresponding to the devices on which the website is displayed.
Professional themes:Change theme in a few clicks, and browse through Odoo's catalog of ready-to-use themes available in our app store.

Blog, live chat & newsletters: Enhance your website with a blog, incorporate live chat to convert more visitors into customers, and get opt-in for newsletter automatically integrated into your email lists.
E-commerce: Boost your online store with sleek product pages. Your e-Commerce transactions are reported automatically in your accounts: sales, payments, automatic billing, shipping, etc.
CRM: Convert your visitors into opportunities and capture their information into Odoo CRM.
Sales: Automatically create customer invoices from your sales order, tasks or delivery orders.
Event: Organize, promote and sell events online.
Human Resources: Post, advertise and keep track of your job postings easily.
ERP- Expense Management
3,000.00 AED 3,000.00 AED 3000.0 AED
Employee re-reimbursable expenses
Automate Site Expenses Requisition, tracking, approval, posting
Save time on expense reports
Stop losing receipts
Manage expenses per team
Share the workload between departments (Employees, managers, Accountants)
ERP- Fleet Management
3,000.00 AED 3,000.00 AED 3000.0 AED
Contracts And Administrative Follow-up
Track Your Company Cars
Manage the key milestones: acquisition, maintenance, redelivery...
Easily add vehicles to your fleet, track the whole lifecycle, and predict any maintenance
Analysis and Reporting
Costs Management
ERP- HR System
6,000.00 AED 6,000.00 AED 6000.0 AED
HR Module Implementation.
• Manage your employees,
• Recruitment Process
• Leave Management
• Renewal reminders
• Document Attachments
• Experience, Certificates Management
• Employee Warnings Registration
• Document Expiry Notifications
• Track Time & Attendance
• HR Management Flow Chart
ERP- Manufacturing Management
6,000.00 AED 6,000.00 AED 6000.0 AED
• Manufacturing Resource Planning
• Inventory and Manufacturing Analytics
• Integrated with Operations
• Define Flexible Master Data
• Scheduling of Manufacturing Orders
• Work with lists, calendars or Gantt charts
• Schedule Work Orders
• Inventory and Manufacturing Analytics
ERP- Outdoor Sales Management
6,000.00 AED 6,000.00 AED 6000.0 AED
-Modern User Interface: All the information you need, where you need it with a fast and intuitive user interface designed for salespeople.
-Reduce Data Entry: Send quotes in a just a few clicks. Convert quotes to sales orders and invoices from the same screen. Integrates with the CRM app to manage your sales pipeline from qualification to close.
-Quotation Template: Design custom quotation templates in just a few clicks and reuse them to save time.
-Sales Orders: Convert quotations into sales orders in one click. Save time with the ability to modify sales orders, sell product kits, and ship partial orders.
-Manage Invoicing from Sales Orders: Invoice on ordered or delivered quantities. Manage payment terms by customer or by invoice. Easily track and follow up on invoice aging.
ERP- Project Management
6,000.00 AED 6,000.00 AED 6000.0 AED
• Track Issues
• Manage Your Tasks
• Chat in real time, share documents, and integrate your emails
• timesheet, Contracts & Invoices
• Track Issues - Support services, helpdesk, bug tracker, etc.
• Flexible to fit to your own process
ERP- Purchase Management
6,000.00 AED 6,000.00 AED 6000.0 AED
Procurement, purchase orders and tenders, social networking, products and invoice control, price lists, reporting and dashboards.
• Purchase Orders
• GRIN based on Purchase Orders
• Supplier Invoices based on Purchase Orders
• Product Price History Tracking
• Supplier Products Management
• Supplier Record Keeping
• Product Supplier Relation and Supplier Cost Record/ History